Introducing Plucking Peonies

Hand cut paper jewellery; made with waterproof paper, sterling silver and hours of intensive labour. Made to be comfortable and durable, these paper cut accessories carry a clean, sleek, minimalistic style with a hint of elegance. Consciously considered to go with any outfit, from casual to formal, being lightweight yet statement making.

Every single piece of jewellery is available to be customised to one’s preference. I welcome suggestions for each order, to ensure that each piece of jewellery I am crafting will be loved and worn regularly.

Shipping is free worldwide, I wish to provide a fuss-free shopping experience for all. 

Currently all pieces are made in Hong Kong. Materials used are fully recyclable, some even derived from reused materials. My pieces are packaged with only the bare essentials, and entirely in paper.

As all pieces are handmade to order, exchanges and returns will not be allowed. 

Plucking Peonies is solely managed by Jeanie, a paper cut artist. 

Caring for your pieces: 

Plucking Peonies jewellery may be durable, but with time, wearing and tearing occurs just like any other jewellery.

Please try to avoid water and perfume. In contact of water, gently dab it off with a cloth or tissue. Sunlight and air can cause yellowing, so please keep your jewellery in air tight cases when not in use.

When tarnishing of silver occurs, polish with a silver polishing cloth.

In the unfortunate occasion of damage, I always welcome repairs and replacements. Please kindly approach me (here or via Instagram), I will be happy to offer solutions. 

Please enjoy your pieces, I'd love to see you all wearing them, please tag me